Mark Schroor

Co-Founder @ Workshop Music Group

Mark Schroor is the kind of guy that’s gonna wear a shirt full of holes to a business meeting. He’s a walking advertisement for thinking differently.

Different is good.

Enthusiastic, passionate, a big idea guy, and a big heart guy. Mark’s a champion for what he believes in. On stage, in the studio, or in the office. It’ll be a shirt full of holes, and a head full of ideas.

As a drummer and producer, Mark’s toured and worked in the studio with Juno, CCMA, and GMA award winners. He’s met half his heroes, given himself third degree burns on his feet during a drum solo, and autographed things he shouldn’t be autographing, he’ll die a happy man.

As co-founder and one half of Workshop’s management team, Mark has been instrumental in guiding the careers of major label and independent artists like Robyn Ottolini, Owen Riegling, and Eric Ethridge.