Kathleen Reid

Agent / Managing Director @ The Feldman Agency

Kathleen has always had a passion for live music, starting her career in Halifax booking shows for Dalhousie University. Since then she has gained invaluable experience working directly with TFA President Jeff Craib on high profile acts like Barenaked Ladies, Alessia Cara and Theory of a Deadman. Today as an agent she is responsible for touring and festivals on the East Coast, theatres in Ontario as well as international Campus bookings. While digging into these important aspects of business she is developing her own roster of emerging talent. This year, she has signed exciting current artists like Devon Cole, Dax, and Billy Raffoul. As Agent/ Managing Director at TFA, Kathleen works on internal staff development, focusing on coaching and bettering the administrative team. She is a contributing member of the management team furthering the future success of the company.