Alexandra Bellissimo

Manager, Digital Revenue Development/Streaming @ Warner Music Canada

Manager, Digital Revenue Development/Streaming at Warner Music Canada

Alexandra Bellissimo oversees Warner Music Canada’s streaming strategy and implements revenue-focused initiatives on behalf of the label and its artists.  Warner Music Canada is a division of WMG; a creative, entrepreneurial and artist-focused music company that utilizes the most innovative product, sales and distribution strategies to deliver many of the world’s most popular and influential recordings. Bellissimo’s mandate is to maximize all music-related revenue and marketing opportunities across all available streaming services.

Alexandra has a deep understanding of the on-demand audio streaming landscape in Canada and around the world having spent the early years of her career navigating the consumption shift from physical sales and digital downloads to streaming.

Bellissimo is a graduate of Ryerson University and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Radio and Television, with a minor in English.